Citdex is a global multi-strategy venture investment firm focused on innovative technologies and funds. An impact forward driven faction building the future.

 Accelerator & Labs

The teams we look for have a winning combination of deep technology or market expertise, business acumen, structure, drive, ambition, honesty, generosity, and excellence. We admire founders who are always learning and ready to explore new frontiers. They show us the way, we try our best to help them, sometimes by challenging them but always supporting them.

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Venture Fund & AI Driven Investment Strategies

Citdex Artificial Intelligent Driven Invesment Strategies and Venture Fund invest in disruptive technology companies with ambitious founders from Series A onwards. Our experienced team includes entrepreneurs and executives from the world’s most successful technology firms who partner with our companies as they scale to become global winners a new generation of brilliant minds using autonomous learning, data analysis and massive computing resources

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Digital Securities Issuance Platform

Citdex Network provides an end-to-end platform for issuers that are seeking to tokenize assets.

Citdex Network’s team has ideated, developed and successfully launched multiple security tokens from portfolios of startups to individual blockchain companies. Partnered with Global Service Provider Network, we pull from a network of experienced operators able to provide high-quality services easily and economical.

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Infrastructure of the Digital Economy

Citdex Exodus Digital is a financial technology company helping make illiquid assets liquid. It provides institutions enterprise-grade blockchain solutions enabling customers to digitize assets, launch markets, and reduce operational costs. Citdex Exodus Digital powers digital asset networks on 5 continents and is led by a seasoned team with over 200 years in financial technology.

Citdex Exodus Digital

Government Advisory + Consulting

Policy development, legislation, legislative drafting, legislative procedure, parliamentary development, training, legal research, curriculum development, monitoring and evaluation (M&E), legislative and parliamentary procedure, congressional and parliamentary budget processes, US constitutional law, EU law and regulations, international treaties, international public law, international criminal law. Consulting Countries and Companies in the new Digital era how to navigate in the geo financial space. Citdex Convergent Services


Partner with Citdex to launch an accelerator in your industry, and build deep engagement with startups during the three month program. See the future of technology through the lens of entrepreneurs while learning about industry innovations, application trends, and insights. Create a culture of innovation by injecting startup energy into your culture.

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Scalable  Enterprise Mining

Citdex Quantifier is Developing Mining hardware and software solution from small-scale operation enterprise. Citdex Quantifier is a leader in the still-nascent, high-growth blockchain technology ecosystem, Citdex Quantifier supports a wide array of blockchain platforms and startups, and actively participates in industry and community development.

Citdex Quantifier Mining

Citdex Digital Securities Exchange(s)

Potential for another blockchain-based digital asset: security token offerings “sto”. Citdex Regulated Exchange is excited to be part of $256 trillion of real-world assets in the world, the opportunity for crypto-securities is truly massive. Contact us for listing and more information. Securities Token Exchange


Citdex does not offer or sell security tokens and has not been licensed to do so by any financial services, monetary authority, or commission. Nothing herein constitutes an offer, distribution, solicitation, or marketing to of any security token. Citdex does not offer services or act as an exchange, transfer agent or escrow agent. Citdex does not (i) provide tax, legal, or regulatory advice; (ii) market, sell, or effect the sale of any security token; (iii) hold any cash, virtual currency, security token or other asset for or on behalf of any third party.-
Companies that work with Citdex are afforded numerous value-added benefits. Through our Citdex Network, founders have access to executive insights and networking opportunities, while our Talent team offers recruiting services and matchmaking expertise. And we support founders and their teams on marketing and communications strategies, helping architect their narrative, from brand ideation to STO planning.-
Companies that work with Citdex are afforded numerous value-added benefits. Founders gain access to executive insights and networking opportunities through our Citdex Network, recruiting services and matchmaking expertise through our Talent Team, and marketing and strategic communications support.-


We have global reach, with a presence and access to resources in New York, Silicon Valley, Israel, China, Germany, S. Korea, and India. Our broad footprint enables our portfolio companies to better understand growth opportunities and expand internationally.