Incubator & Accelerator

Real Estate 8%
Healthcare & Energy10%
Media & Entertainment 4%
Retail & Commerce3%
Supply Chain7%
Education & Government8%

This place is for only #CrazyOnes who knows how to #Hustle!

Citdex Accelerator equips entrepreneurs and ecosystems with insights, proven techniques, tools and processes that develop both the community and the entrepreneur.


Citdex Accelerator programs are designed to extend beyond simple knowledge transfer by evoking and developing a critical entrepreneurial mindset, fostering communal support, leveraging social capital, and cultivating the local ecosystem. Our Impact Innovation Model TM enables both the entrepreneur and the ecosystem to go further to reach their goals and expand opportunities.


Citdex embraces a philosophy that entrepreneurs can move faster and further by engaging and collaborating with the community than by moving forward alone. Engaging with Citdex provides the opportunity to expand access for both the entrepreneur and the ecosystems which support them.

With its global network of entrepreneurs, businesses, investors and community leaders, Tech Ranch provides access to the social capital, personal development, professional development, financial capital and communal support necessary for entrepreneurs around the world to create companies that positively impact their local communities and have opportunities to scale globally.


At Citdex we focus on three main values that drive all of our activities.

    1. We focus on the entrepreneur. We believe that by developing the individual we can create a stronger, better prepared community of entrepreneurs, regardless of  whether or not their current venture is successful.
    2. We strive to build global bridges. The opportunities to grow, learn and scale reach far beyond  With connections from Hong Kong to Berlin to Australia we facilitate cross-collaboration between entrepreneurs across borders.
    3. We are committed to impacting the World through our entrepreneurs. Citdex understands that the reason individuals start their own venture is many times due to passion. We want to help you achieve personal success and positively impact the world around you.

We help entrepreneurs solve the world’s biggest challenges. We accelerate the highest-impact, highest-potential startups:

An established international community of startups
World-class mentoring from industry experts
Tailored programming
Unrivaled access to corporate partners