Fabrik Network

Fabrik Network

Fabrik Network OriginOS Evolution Network

OriginOS Evolution is a superior consensus mechanism / data structure alternative to the blockchain. A decentralized platform without servers built on OriginOS Evolution technology will enable blockchain use cases to run. OriginOS Evolution opens up exciting decentralized application use cases such as micro-payments, distributed capital markets, live collaboration apps, distributed MMOs, auctions and more.

OriginOS Evolution

OriginOS is a radically different approach to distributed consensus. This OriginOS can resolve scaling and security issues while providing new abilities that enable new applications of distributed consensus. Origin OS  will be forked. 1. Private OriginOS available to Government accredited agencies. 2. Public OriginOS opensource available to all globally.

Origin Streamwire+

StreamWire+ connects financial institutions, payment providers, digital asset exchanges and corporates via StreamWire+ Evolution to provide one frictionless experience to transfer money globally.

Origin Exchange+

Origin Exchange to launch new markets and reduce operational costs with next-generation origin OS technology. Optimizable for institutional traders with 2.5 Million transactions per second.

Private Shares – Loans – Wealth Management – Commodities – Securities/Bonds – Currencies – ICOs

Origin Wallet+

Origin Wallet+ is simple to use: compare transaction fees, choose the best payment system and send your funds. Inter built e-currency exchange service allows you converting customers’ crypto-payments directly into cash. And it’s all based on a single interface.