Gainfy Is a Decentralized Blockchain Driven Platform

A Merging Point for Data Management, Scheduling, Digital Payments and Provider-Patient Engagement Powered by Blockchain, AI and Predictive Analytics.


Scheduling Platform  

The first blockchain-based real-time scheduling and clinical data management platform for Patients and Providers, allowing Users to manage medical appointment  scheduling using proprietary AI algorithm of specific needs and availability.


Communication Platform 

Tele and digital care management platform, enabling an easy-to-use private and open-source pre and post-treatment patient/provider remote communication, creating network workflow efficiency and personalized care delivery.


Crypto and digital wallet platform


  • User friendly interface shopping cart
  • Multiple number of supported digital and crypto currencies
  • Easy and quick, just a few clicks payment
  • Secure two-factor authentication


Identity and Credentials Verification 

Secure key management, signing and credentialing API which supports multiple formats and protocols and can optionally integrate with any existing identity management solution. Allowing secure management of organizational identities, reducing fraud and increasing network users trust.


Medical Data Management 

Medical records distributed ledger data registry of smart contracts, giving users ability to price their clinical user data in GAIN token and lease it to other participants, resulting in a robust and decentralized healthcare ecosystem and GAIN token circulation ecosystem.


AI and Predictive Analytics Rules


AI and predictive analytics programming environment supporting all Gainfy services to reduce provider discovery times, increase the speed and accuracy of matching compatibility and radically enhance productivity in patient-physician interaction, to avoid unnecessary readmissions, improve operational efficiencies and achieve better overall TCO for delivery of care.