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Citdex is a global multi-strategy applied venture Investment firm inexorably focused on innovative technologies and funds. An impact forward-driven faction building the future.

Impact Driven + Convergence
Disciplined Approach

A displined applied venture fund & inevitably Ai driven investment strategies with experience and purpose.

Citdex disciplined investment approach is embedded into our team, we look at potential portfolio company beyond the hype of the herd. As an applied venture fund, we render provisions to portfolio companies with strategic advice, execution and cross-pollination.

Forward Driven

We’re founders, investors and tech junkies.

We believe in people with grand plans. Who think big. Who are fearless and determined to dream forward. Entrepreneurs who want to build formidable enterprises on a global Scale. Founders who we’re not afraid to break the mold to bring something spectacular to life, Individuals on a mission to create an extraordinary future.

Citdex Network - Together we can build anything.
Community Matters

We are optimists who excell at working together to drive long term success.

We believe that empowering entrepreneurs who seek to improve the lives of the people around them is the best way to create more opportunity globally.

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The new millennium brought change to the traditional venture capital landscape and we are leading the way.

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