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Citdex Network

Citdex is a global multi-strategy applied venture Investment firm
inexorably focused on innovative technologies and funds.

Purpose + Values

Citdex Ventures is committed to improving the quality of life of the communities we serve.
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The Tribe

Our team has decades of combined venture capital, capital markets and technology experience.
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Global Presence

Improving collaborative way to improve the innovation process for growth and expand.
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Dream Forward Initiative

Citdex will appropriate twenty percent of its gains toward communities it serves in three philanthropy areas.
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Community + Events

Citdex Network is a global community of funds and startups driven forward to change the world.
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Venture Made

Platform identifying and connecting technology companies from cities around the world to the US.
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News & Media

If Opportunity Doesn’t Knock, Build a Door.

We believe in unique ideas, we partner with extraordinary teams, and we commit to supporting great companies as they develop and grow. As investors, we pride ourselves on combining experience with open-mindedness. We’re a thoughtful investment firm that encompasses independent perspectives, and our decades of expertise complement our enduring hunger for amazing opportunities.

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