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Why Every Leading Corporation Needs a Venture Capital Program.

We transform corporations through professionally managed VC programs.

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The biggest businesses in the world are under constant pressure from thousands of startups, creating a unique collaboration opportunity for these two ecosystems.


Venture capital provides not only financial return, but also insights that shape strategy, M&A, and commercial relationships with entrepreneurs. In exchange, corporations can dramatically accelerate the growth of startups.


We believe the benefits of venture capital are essential to the future of a corporation. Our partners, some of the largest companies in the world, agree.

Partner With Citdex Ventures

Citdex Ventures team puts the needs of our corporate clients first. We listen carefully to your goals and use our relationships in the market to get the job done.


Your firm maintains full control over the strategy, investment selection, timing, follow-on, and involvement with portfolio companies. Working with Citdex eliminates the whims of “blind pool” investing.


Citdex employs proven venture investment practices, including techniques developed at multiple leading corporate venture capital firms. We are process-driven and disciplined.


You’ll hit the ground running with a complete team and an established presence in key U.S. venture markets—and a track record of delivering tangible strategic benefits. No excuses, just results

Citdex Tribe

We have the skill-set and the temperament to work with your corporation. With over 50 years of venture experience, our team provides professional expertise to ensure your program succeeds.

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