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Stock Exchange of Mauritius & Citdex Launch a Digital Stock Exchange

Citdex, Stock Exchange of Mauritius and Central Depository & Settlement Co. to Launch Digital Securities Exchange and Digital Securities Custody Services.

This partnership will allow DSXEM to host financial assets with traditional characteristics as digital securities, using distributed ledger technology. The partnership will provide issuers with a new solution to access capital, and will offer investors regulated, liquid and transparent institutional-grade digital securities with strong fungibility.

“This initiative is expected to accelerate the development of the Mauritius International Financial Centre”


NEW YORKMay 6, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Citdex Corporation (Citdex), and Stock Exchange of Mauritius (SEM) and Central Depository & Settlement Co. Ltd (“CDS“) have signed an exclusive joint venture agreement to launch a Digital Stock Exchange of Mauritius (DSXEM) and a Digital Central Depository Systems (DXCDS) leading to spearhead the development of global digital capital markets and digital securities custodian services in Mauritius.

Sunil Benimadhu, Chief Executive of Stock Exchange of Mauritius and Vipin Mahabirsingh, Managing Director of CDS said, “Mauritius is well positioned to offer a well-regulated and pragmatic framework to issue, trade, and settle digital securities for both retail and institutional investors. We anticipate that digital security offerings will have a positive impact on the development of new business opportunities in our financial services sector, harness economic growth and stimulate technological innovation in Mauritius. This initiative is expected to accelerate the development of the Mauritius International Financial Centre. We are keen to work with Citdex on this venture.”

Chris Cutler and Victoria SaucierManaging Directors at Citdex, said, “We are very excited to be part of the growing digital securities ecosystem. We see the DSXEM leading the adoption of regulatory compliant digital securities investments and capital formation. We are particularly pleased to partner with the regulatory authorities in Mauritius to pursue this joint effort, whose goal is to bring the digital securities ecosystem into the mainstream of global capital markets within a regulation-compliant framework.”

About Citdex Ventures

Citdex is a global multi-strategy venture investment firm focused on innovative technologies and funds. Citdex uses data-driven analytics to deploy venture-capital and private equity investments around the world.

Citdex works with national governments on developing legislation and regulatory frameworks for new digital economies and building innovation hubs.

About Stock Exchange of Mauritius

The Stock Exchange of Mauritius (SEM) is responsible for the operation of Mauritius’s primary Stock Exchange. The SEM operates two markets: the Official Market and the Development & Enterprise Market (DEM). There are 200+ securities listed on SEM representing a Market Capitalization of US $12 + Billion. SEM operates a unique multi-currency capital-raising, listing and trading platform. SEM is one of the leading and most innovative Exchanges in Africa and a member of the World Federation of Exchanges.

About Central Depository & Settlement Co.

The Central Depository & Settlement Co. Ltd (CDS) was established by the Stock Exchange of Mauritius in 1996 to provide centralized depository, clearing and settlement services for the Mauritian equity and debt markets. The CDS has assisted a number of African exchanges and CSDs to implement electronic trading and depository systems. The Board of Directors of the CDS includes representatives of the Bank of Mauritius and the Ministry of Financial Services and Good Governance.