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Finding value in complexity with unique partners

Partnership Strategies partners with talented investment teams around the world. Originally formed to find investments for the partners of Citdex Ventures, our New York-based team combines rigorous fundamental research with a global perspective to pursue compelling investment strategies. We have a long-term time horizon and flexible capital and work with investment teams to create collaborative partnerships. We will be accepting external capital in 2020 and onward.

It’s about relationships.

We seek to build long-term partnership with talented investment teams. We have patient, long-term capital and want to collaborate to design flexible capital partnerships that are customized for a specific strategy or situation. Currently, we focus on two strategies: Emerging Markets and Partnership Strategies.


Venture Fund Network Platform

While we have employed all the traditional services one might come to expect from a traditional Venture Funds team, we have done it all with a twist. Building our platform from scratch gave us the ability to remove the relative inefficiencies of our competitors and incorporate only what we felt to be the best of what is available in both process and execution from across the Street.

We work with the Venture Capital & Private Equity communities an alternative to the traditional coverage model – one that better aligns their needs with the complexity of today’s broader equity markets.

Citdex Venture Fund Network Platform is a self-governed platform of independent venture funds that cooperate on investment diligence, marketing intelligence, corporate relationships, and co-investments. Our member centralized capital raise on the platform and manage their investment decisions independently.
New ventures must prepare to face fierce competition, global pressures and speed to market defined by days not months. Developing the technologies of tomorrow while meeting these challenges along with diverse regulatory, compliance, and financial reporting requirements can be distracting.

& Deploy Great
Investment Strategies.

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